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My Good Friday Prayer

Dear Lord,

About 2,000 years ago at this time, You were hanging on the cross for me, and the person reading this, and everyone else in the world.  You suffered and were mocked. You didn’t have to die. You could have stopped the hurt, but You didn’t because You wanted to spend forever with those who believe.

Thank You, Jesus, for going through all the agony and pain for me.  By making the ultimate sacrifice for us, You opened the doors to Heaven.  I now have the peace of knowing that one day, when You call me, I will fly through those pearly gates and hold Your hand for all eternity.

I’m sorry for sinning everyday and nailing You to that cross.  Fill us with Your grace and strengthen us daily, Lord, so that all Christians will proclaim the Good News to the whole world.

I love you, Jesus.  I am hopeful about Your Resurrection and Second Coming.


isaiah 53 5

BTT: My Kid Is Bored At Church

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.”   – Exodus 20:8

Sundays.  Sundays are wonderful days because we go to church and worship our Lord!  Church can be enjoyable for adults, but for kids, church can be boring!  That’s ok!   Church doesn’t have to be painful for kids.  Church should be a fun time of getting to know Jesus.  If your child needs something to do, try these suggestions.

  • Draw What I Hear – Have your child use a prayer journal (notebook specifically for church) to draw what they hear the preacher saying or reading.  Maybe they write down some key words or phrases and find what it means for them.

    Drawing of the Ascension
    Drawing of the Ascension
  • Bible Study Book – There are so many good devotionals and study books out there!  These books have Bible related activities and many good verses to meditate on.  For some of my recommended books, click HERE or HERE or, for my absolute favorite, click HERE.
  • Join A Small Group – Most churches offer Bible study small groups for kids.  These groups may be offered during the church service or before.  Either way,  a small group of children all talking about Jesus is a great way to keep your child interested in church.
  • Daily Prayer or Meditation – Using a prayer journal (as described in previous bullet), have your kid reflect on a verse of the Bible relating to the message.  Also, a prayer to say can develop a reverent spirit in your child, so maybe they can pay better attention in church.                                                                                                                                      prayer

The most important thing about church is your child’s relationship with Jesus.  As young children, it’s hard to pay attention when someone is saying words you don’t understand.   Yes, as your child gets older, it is important to pay attention in church.  My theory is: as long as they are learning about Jesus and strengthening that relationship, it’s all good.

This can be a hard issue to deal with.  Keep Jesus in the center always!

BTT: I (Eye) Can

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”     – Philippians 4:13

YES!  God makes all things possible.  But there is a catch (an amazing catch)!  Jesus gives us the strength we need to do great things, if we believe in Him!  So, this craft was born.

eye can

Eye (I) Can:

For This Craft You’ll Need:

  • Can (I used a can of diced tomatoes :-])
  • White Construction Paper (Also, one other color if desired)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Marker
  • Scissors


First, peel the label off your can.  Then, plug in your hot glue gun to ensure that it’s ready when you are.  Using the white construction paper, cut out an oval.  Draw a large circle/oval in the middle of your “eye” to be the pupil.  Hot glue this to the front of your can.  Then use the rest of the white (or colored) paper to make a nutrition label.  Mine was more on the simpler side.  It said, “Contains God!” because we need God in order to do all things!  That’s the whole point of this verse! I NEED GOD!  Hot glue this to the back of the can and you’re done.

eye can vers

eye can contains

Keep this can around the house in a central location to remind your family that with God’s help we can do great things!

Have a great Tuesday!

Poem – You’ll Meet Me There

How long has it been friends?  Too long, I think!  I apologize for the long break between posts.  I was thinking today, Why haven’t I posted in a while?  I guess I was too busy.

Ahh, yes.  I don’t like that phrase: TOO BUSY.  Too busy for what?  The people and things you love?  Too busy for God?

So I whipped together this poem to show how much He loves us.  God will never be too busy for us!  He loves us!

You’ll Meet Me There

When life gets too busy,

And I’m lost in despair,

I’ll go to the cross.

I know you’ll meet me there.

When my words are not kind,

And my actions are rude,

I’ll turn to you.

And my heart is anew.

Though the trials of life,

Try to drag me down,

I’ll look up to Him,

The One who wears the crown.

Thank you, Oh Lord,

For your wonderful grace!

I hope that one day,

I may see your loving face!

I know this isn’t Tuesday, but I filed it under BTT, just in case you want to find it again.  Have a great weekend!

BTT: Scripture of the Day

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”   – Matthew 7:13-14

Sorry about the short post…..but I’ve been reflecting on this verse and pray that you will find meaning in it.  Have a great Tuesday!

Bible Time Tuesday

Starting next week (on Tuesday) I will begin writing posts about Bible Time every week.  I’m calling it Bible Time Tuesday (BTT).  Some other sites I like reading do things like Transparent Tuesday (ourgrowingroots.com).  I thought, What a great idea.  I should do something like that, but it should be a time when we reflect/glorify Him who deserves every praise.  So starts Bible Time Tuesday.

Even though it’s not Tuesday, I thought I should let you know.  I will write about fun activities to do to teach kids about God or maybe just a verse to reflect on.  It’s not the only time during the week, necessarily, that I will talk about Jesus, but it’s definitely a specific time to hear His word.

Well, have a good day …and pray!  Happy Thursday!