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BTT: Letter to the Insecure Child

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”   -Genesis 1:27

Dear Insecure Child,

I was you…..sometimes I am you.  All those thoughts in your head – forget them.  They aren’t true.  You are beautiful.  You are created in God’s image.  God painted a self portrait when he made you.  When you see yourself in the mirror, you should see a gorgeous creation of God.  Easier said than done – I know.  When the words of hatred pierce your heart, let them roll off your back.  Though your face may have pimples, and you think you’re overweight, reflect on this verse.  It may seem hard now, but you’ll brave the storm.  You are a perfectly made imperfect(sinner) daughter/son of God.

P.S. The best people to talk to about these insecurities are moms and dads.

Kids’ Resolutions – Making and Keeping

Starting off, I hope you had a Merry Christmas!  Now, it’s time for 2016….and with the new year, comes resolutions.  *sigh*  Resolutions (at least for me) typically last 1-2 weeks.  For kids, though, resolutions can be fun!  I’ve created 3 ways for you and your child to keep track of their resolutions.

First, talk to your child about what a resolution really is.  You make a resolution when you take a not so good part of your life, and replace it with a good thing.  Resolutions are different for everyone and don’t have to be huge.  Resolutions don’t have to be you doing something (Ex: doing chores), but it could also be not doing something (Ex: quit biting nails).  Have your child do some soul searching and come up with one or multiple things they would like to try to improve on.  Agree on something reasonable and encourage your child.

Next, it’s time to keep track of their progress.  One of the easiest ways to do this is with a chart.  I have 3 examples of charts that you and your child could make to show their improvement.

  1. Basic Monthly – This chart is quite generic.  It is a monthly chart with a space for each day.  If your child practices their resolution on that day, they could put a sticker on the box, mark it out, or get your signature.  There are no rewards except the encouragement you give and the success they feel from making you proud (This can be a good thing).                                                                                                                                             basic monthly
  2. Decked Out Monthly –  This monthly tracking calendar definitely has goals.  It has to “Prize Days” where your kids can get a little treat (Nothing huge).   The goals are clearly outlined.  It is extremely similar to the first example, except the reward.  *Don’t use the prize as a bribe.  It’s supposed to be their decision to make a resolution.  It should be an encouragement.                                                                                     decked out calendarresolutionsstickers on calendar
  3. Yearly Check Up – If you don’t want to keep track daily, use this yearly check up.  This requires a little less effort, but provides a the same amount of encouragement.  Month by month, you will check each box and comment on your child’s improvement (I like writing improvements).                                                                                     yearlycomment3 resolution

Hang these (however many you do) in a central location and have a Happy New Year!  See you in 2016!

How Do You Celebrate Christmas?

Is your house loud and full of people on Christmas day?  Or are you at a family member’s house with just a few people?  However you celebrate Christmas, the important thing is to remember Jesus’ birth!  Take this poll to see how other people ‘do’ Christmas!  Happy Thursday!

Veterans Day: Thank You Letter

Today is Veteran’s Day!  As Americans, we owe our safety to God and to those people that put their lives on the line for their country.  Your children, most likely, know someone  (Anyone!) that is or was in the military.  So today, we’re writing a thank you letter!

First, get the address or find a time when you could drop off the letter to this person.  If you don’t have a person in your life who was/is in the military, there are many organizations that will send your letters to deployed soldiers.  My favorite organization is Operation Gratitude!

dear hero

How To Write A Thank You Letter To Veterans(Layout):

Dear Hero,  – Yes!  Veterans are heroes!  Make this known to your kids and ask them why these people are to be respected.  This is also a great way to compliment these people on their gift of the time and lives.

Thank you for your service to your country.  – Thank these Veterans for their bravery.  Have your child tell the veteran how they have impacted their lives.  Tell your child to speak from their heart.   For me, that would be, “You are a true inspiration and a blessing to our country.”

I hope you are doing well and I pray for you everyday. – Send the veteran well wishes.  What a great way to spread Jesus’ word, too.  Even if this person already knows Jesus, who doesn’t like to know that someone is praying for them!

I am forever grateful. – We are!  We owe our freedom and safety to these people (and God).  Have your child tell them that they appreciate them!

Love,  Your Child

thanks card


Here’s An Example Letter:

Dear Brave Veteran,

Thank you so much for your service to your country.  You are a great role  model for me and I look up to you.  I pray that you are having a great Veteran’s Day and I really honor you.  I am forever thankful for your courage and selflessness.  May God bless you!

Love, {Insert Name}

Have a blessed Veteran’s Day!

Poll: When Do You Stop Handing Out Candy?

A Halloween poll for Mamas.  No right or wrong answers.  Have a great day!

BTT: Halloween – What to Teach Your Kids

Halloween.  Yes, it’s that time of year.  Fall has just begun and this new season brings many things.  It brings colored leaves, cool breezes, and holidays.  One of these holidays is Halloween.  Especially in this generation, kids can be taught that Halloween is about costumes and gory things.  But, Halloween isn’t all blood and guts.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t let your kids go trick-or-treating (I love trick-or-treating).  But, you should make sure your kids know these things about the holiday.

Boo! This is my pint sized ghost (Hopefully coming up in a later post)
Boo! This is my pint sized ghost (Hopefully coming up in a later post)

What to Teach Your Kids About Halloween:

  • Yes, there is evil in the world, but Christ’s light is bigger than all evil.  Like John 1:5 says, “And the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.”  Jesus is bigger than all evil!
  • Do not be afraid.  Yes, some people wear “scary” costumes (at least to a young child), but Jesus tells us not to be afraid.  Isaiah 41:10a says, “So do not fear, for I am with you.”  Jesus loves you and doesn’t want you to worry.  He will protect you.
  • Say, “Thank you!”  This is very important.  If you’re child says thank you when someone gives them candy, it shows their values.  Even a smile can brighten someones day and possibly stir their heart.  Who knows…your child may convert someone to Christianity by being kind!
  • Think before you do (more for older ones).  Yes, pranks are fun, but be smart about it.  If you wouldn’t want somebody to do it to you, DON’T do it!
  • Be safe!  Maybe staying near your mom isn’t “cool,” but it’s good.  It is night time and it’s good to have an adult around.
  • Have fun!  Halloween can be really fun with the right people doing the right things.  Enjoy the night as a family and cherish these moments!  They don’t last forever.

My biggest Halloween advice for Mamas is simple: Stay close and take pictures!

A prayer for Halloween:

From ghosties and goblins;

And long-leggedy beasties;

To things that go BUMP! in the night!

May the Good Lord protect us!


Have a great Halloween.   And eat candy!!!  Happy Tuesday!

Poem – You’ll Meet Me There

How long has it been friends?  Too long, I think!  I apologize for the long break between posts.  I was thinking today, Why haven’t I posted in a while?  I guess I was too busy.

Ahh, yes.  I don’t like that phrase: TOO BUSY.  Too busy for what?  The people and things you love?  Too busy for God?

So I whipped together this poem to show how much He loves us.  God will never be too busy for us!  He loves us!

You’ll Meet Me There

When life gets too busy,

And I’m lost in despair,

I’ll go to the cross.

I know you’ll meet me there.

When my words are not kind,

And my actions are rude,

I’ll turn to you.

And my heart is anew.

Though the trials of life,

Try to drag me down,

I’ll look up to Him,

The One who wears the crown.

Thank you, Oh Lord,

For your wonderful grace!

I hope that one day,

I may see your loving face!

I know this isn’t Tuesday, but I filed it under BTT, just in case you want to find it again.  Have a great weekend!


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