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Bible Time Tuesday

Starting next week (on Tuesday) I will begin writing posts about Bible Time every week.  I’m calling it Bible Time Tuesday (BTT).  Some other sites I like reading do things like Transparent Tuesday (  I thought, What a great idea.  I should do something like that, but it should be a time when we reflect/glorify Him who deserves every praise.  So starts Bible Time Tuesday.

Even though it’s not Tuesday, I thought I should let you know.  I will write about fun activities to do to teach kids about God or maybe just a verse to reflect on.  It’s not the only time during the week, necessarily, that I will talk about Jesus, but it’s definitely a specific time to hear His word.

Well, have a good day …and pray!  Happy Thursday!

Flower Tags

This is a super cute craft that was brought to my attention by one of my dear subscribers and friend, Mary T.  It’s very fun and it allows kids to express their individuality.  These tags can be used for a gift tag (To and From) or a decoration to hang off of a door handle.

Simply cut a tag shape out of Kraft paper.  I went with the flower theme, but you can always make something else.  Maybe an initial?  I cut a flower out of construction paper (honestly, just the petals).  I glued buttons and glitter on it, but you can do more than that.  Use household items to create your masterpiece.  When you’re done, punch a hole in the top.  Punch hole reinforcements are great for making sure they don’t rip.  Tie your favorite ribbon by inserting it through the hole and knot it at the top!

flower  23Perhaps even give your kids a theme, like ‘summer’, and see what they come up with.  The point is, just be creative and let them go from there.  Enjoy!

Capture flower 223