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…And You Healed Me

Today, I came across this Bible verse: ” O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.” – Psalms 30:2

I felt like I had to share it even though it’s not about kids.  This verse is truth.  God heals!  I’d like to break this verse down in a way that I feel I need to share.

“O Lord my God,…” – When I stop and think about why God, who is the Great I Am, wanted me to be his friend, I have no words.  I’m NOT worthy, in fact, I’m a mess!  But I’m His mess!  I’m his perfectly imperfect mess!  He made me!  He died for me!  He loves me!  Isn’t that amazing!?!  Thank you God, for making me your child!

“…I called to you for help..” – I know.  Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we mess up.  If you’re like me, you don’t always have to admit it, it’s obvious!  We are sinners, and we cannot live until we have Jesus.  He is the only way!  Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?  If not, pray now.  Tell Him you are sorry for your sins (He will forgive you no matter what) and you want to follow Him for the rest of your days.  It’s that easy!  Pray! Pray that he will come into your heart and live (and He will).

“…and you healed me.” – He heals!  That gives me the chills.  The Lord of all creation loves me so much!  He loves you, too!  He is always with us – helping us, healing us, loving us.  Every time you pray to Him and ask Him to forgive you, *snap* it’s done.  Although you sinning makes Him sad, you are always forgiven.  He lets you try again.  He knows we will fall so short of perfect, and yet, He loves us anyway.

God is always there.  Always.  He’s there for us all.  This week, I encourage you to open your heart up to Jesus and let him work his ‘thing’.  Encourage your kids to do the same (always talk about Jesus with them).  Just say, “Jesus, I need you”, and He’ll take it from there.

Feed My Starving Children

This blog is about children, our children, your children.  Children who never worry about where their next meal is coming from, or if they’re going to live through the night.  They are not in constant pain because of the hunger they feel.  Sadly, some children are…But we can change that!  Through organizations like Feed My Starving Children, we can help children and families who need help.  We are called by God to serve others, and that’s what we should do.

Feed My Starving Children is very close to my heart because I have participated in packing meals for multiple years now.  It’s so much fun for the whole family to pack meals, and it is the best feeling in the world.

I strongly suggest and pray that you would take into consideration this amazing organization and many others like it.  Contact your church or visit the FMSC website for more information.

Public Libraries

Want to give your kids the opportunity to learn and let their imagination fly?  Of course!  What parent wouldn’t?!?  But how can this happen… word – books!

Books are a great way for kids to explore and try new things.  Of course, not everyone has all the classics and bestsellers on their home bookshelf!  That’s why I love my public library!

Public libraries provide access to a world of adventure!  All you have to do is sign your child up for a card, or if they are too young, you may need to get a card.  Usually, the cards are free and easy to use.  And, it makes for great summer reading!!

So, look it up and find the public library nearest you!

Food Rainbow

Getting picky eaters to eat ANYTHING can be a challenge, and most of the time it isn’t healthy.  One trick I’ve learned is the food rainbow.  This works very well especially if your kids like to be independent.

Food Rainbow:

Challenge kids to make their own meal with all the colors of the rainbow.  Bonus points for healthy items!  Of course, you’ll have to set some boundaries because candy comes in many colors, you know!  The point of this activity is to give kids the freedom to choose things they like or try new things that seem appealing to them.  It makes them feel like they’re in control and I’m not just eating what Mom or Dad wants.

You can put your own spin on this challenge, too!  Try blending colors by making a peanut butter and banana burrito for the colors yellow and brown.  Make it original!

Don’t forget to tell me your trick to feeding your picky eater in the comments section!