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School Supply Shopping Tips + 2 Ways to Get Your Kids in School Mode

School is your child’s career and summer is their vacation.  After 2 months of no school, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things (for you and your child).  These tips will help make the transition back to school go smooth.

Supply Shopping Tips

Especially in elementary school, I LOVED school supply shopping.  There was something about picking out a sparkly notebook and matching pencils that was awesome!  This kind of shopping can be fun, but it can also be stressful.  In order to calm things down, it would be helpful to bring only 1-2 kids at a time so you can keep track of the lists and what all is entering the cart.

Towards middle school, I began to have a hard time keeping track of which textbook and notebook went with which subject.  My mom helped my create a system that worked for me.  We color coded all my textbooks with solid color book covers and all my notebooks matched.  That way all your child has to do is think, I have math. Math is red. *grabs everything red.

color coded ssupplies

But… sometimes the fun part is picking cool book covers.  That’s ok, too.  Another way to organize your child’s books is to have themes.  Maybe their science book cover has a giraffe on it.  Then their science notebook might have a picture of a safari.  All they have to think is, I have science. Animals are science. *grabs giraffe book  A nature safari is science. *grabs safari notebook.

Another very important part to school supply shopping is knowing what you already have. Go through your child’s supplies from last year and see if anything is worth reusing.  Notebooks probably have to be replaced, but last year’s ruler probably still works fine.  Also, give away good supplies that your children don’t need anymore to other families!  Sharing is caring!

After shopping, odds are those supplies will sit around in a corner until it’s time to take them in.  No!  Those supplies need to be labeled!  Label just about everything with your child’s name and room number.  You can even label book covers and notebooks with the subject they belong to.

After your child’s supplies are labeled, keep them separated from your other kids’ supplies by putting them in different colored bags.  If you have your supplies in grocery bags, tie a different colored ribbon around the handle.  So Kelly’s supplies have a red ribbon and Frank’s have blue.

blue ribbon on ssupplies

Plus: 2 Ways to Get Kids in School Mode

If your child has to set an alarm for school, have them practice beforehand.
If your child has to set an alarm for school, have them practice beforehand.
  1. Prevent TOO much sleeping in.  If your children have to get up at 7 on a school day, have them get up by 8 on most days.  Let them go to bed at a reasonable time.  About a week or so away from school, treat every day like a school day where they go to bed at __ and get up at __.
  2. Do summer homework during the summer…not a week before school starts.  Reading or doing math problems all summer will keep their brains fresh and will make getting homework again less of a shock.  If your child doesn’t have homework, summer workbooks are an awesome way to keep their heads in the game!

5 Commonly Missed Items Kids Need to Pack

Summer is finally here!!! It’s time for vacation!  When packing for a vacation, I’ve found there are 5 items that kids need, but are commonly forgotten.

  1. Sunglasses – With all the time kids spend in the sun, sunglasses are VERY important.  Your kids only get one pair of eyes and it is important to take care of them.  If your kids get to pick out their sunglasses or jazz them up with some fun stickers, they might be excited about wearing them.
  2. Towel – Even if you are not planning on going to the beach, you never know when you will come across a stream worth dipping your toes in.  Kids like to get messy!  Let it happen!  Towels are also great for having picnics or keeping little bodies warm.
  3. Sunscreen – Just like sunglasses, sunscreen plays a crucial part in keeping kids safe from the sun!  Many times, it is thought that if you’re child is in the pool or in the shade, they don’t need sunscreen.  This is WRONG!  Whenever your child is outside, they should be wearing sunscreen!
  4. Home Object – For kids, it is hard to be away from home, even for short periods of time.  Having an object that is a reminder of home can be a big comfort.  This can be something like a blanket or pillowcase.  It could also be a book or stuffed animal.  It’s better to bring something small, so it doesn’t take up too much room (but definitely not too small where it gets lost).
  5. Summer Workbook – Yes, school is “over”.  But you never stop learning!!!  I love giving kids summer workbooks, which are not intended to challenge a whole lot.  The purpose is more to keep the skills that they learned this year fresh in their minds.  If you don’t have a summer workbook, another thing I like is a  summer journal.  Have kids simply write about their day or give them a prompt.  they’ll get creative from there!

in the summer time

Traveling with kids is an adventure, but hopefully packing these items will make your vacation go a little smoother!  Happy Summer!

My Good Friday Prayer

Dear Lord,

About 2,000 years ago at this time, You were hanging on the cross for me, and the person reading this, and everyone else in the world.  You suffered and were mocked. You didn’t have to die. You could have stopped the hurt, but You didn’t because You wanted to spend forever with those who believe.

Thank You, Jesus, for going through all the agony and pain for me.  By making the ultimate sacrifice for us, You opened the doors to Heaven.  I now have the peace of knowing that one day, when You call me, I will fly through those pearly gates and hold Your hand for all eternity.

I’m sorry for sinning everyday and nailing You to that cross.  Fill us with Your grace and strengthen us daily, Lord, so that all Christians will proclaim the Good News to the whole world.

I love you, Jesus.  I am hopeful about Your Resurrection and Second Coming.


isaiah 53 5

What To Do Instead of Yelling (For You & Your Kids)

“Put your toys away!”

“For the third time…”

“Are you even listening?”


Heard these before?  Said these before?  Lot’s of times when dealing with kids, we loose our temper.  Kids lose their tempers, too.  It happens, it’s going to happen.  The amount of times it happens is something we can change.

Ephesians 4:29 says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”   Today, I want to crack this verse open.

In my opinion, unwholesome talk is anything not uplifting, relevant, or praiseworthy.  Now,  in NO way am I saying that every word we say must be serious and down to business…..Trust me, I laugh more in this house and I like being silly.  But, unwholesome talk is wrong.  That means yelling and gossip is not good.  As this verse says, whatever we say should benefit those who hear it.  Yelling is not helpful.

Yelling occurs mostly out of anger.  We are going to get angry every once in a while.  When dealing with our anger, yelling is not the option.  There are ways to prevent yelling and exploding in anger.

4 Ways to Prevent Yelling

  1. Patient 5 – When you or your child feel like you are about to explode, use your hand to guide you.  Using your fingers, follow these five steps to calm down.  On your first finger, close your eyes and take a deep breath.  On the second finger, ask what is truly making you upset.  Be realistic.  On the third finger, put yourself in the other person’s shoes.  What might they be angry about?  On your fourth finger, say a prayer asking for patience and the ability to work out your feelings.  On your last finger, calmly begin a conversation with the other person.
  2. Mouse Voice – At the moment anger is rising, become a mouse.  Speak in a quiet, calm voice.  This tone will help to keep your tempers under control.
  3. Silly Word – Instead of yelling, say a silly word like “Bubbaleepig!”  It’ll take away some tension, too.
  4. Timer – Set a timer for 5 minutes where both arguing parties take a break and collect their thoughts.  Then, have a calm conversation.

patient 5

Have a wonderful day!

My Christmas Prayer

Merry Christmas!  I hope you and your loved ones feel God’s loving presence this holiday season.  Here is my Christmas prayer.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you this Christmas with a thankful heart.  Lord, you have given me so much! Thank you for sending your Son to this world today.  Thank you for sending Him in the lowliest way, a baby.  Yet, from this little baby would come a Savior.  A Savior for the whole world.  Father, help us this Christmas season, to better understand your extreme love for each one of us.  Love so amazing that you sent your only Son to die for me!  Bless us all, Father, and pour out your message into our hearts, so that we may spread the Good News of Christmas to all the world!  Holy God, let this Christmas be more than just presents and lights.  Let this be a celebration of Jesus, our families, and all our other blessings!  I love you, Lord!


peppermint bowl


Wishing you and yours a blessed and Merry Christmas!!!

How Do You Celebrate Christmas?

Is your house loud and full of people on Christmas day?  Or are you at a family member’s house with just a few people?  However you celebrate Christmas, the important thing is to remember Jesus’ birth!  Take this poll to see how other people ‘do’ Christmas!  Happy Thursday!

Veterans Day: Thank You Letter

Today is Veteran’s Day!  As Americans, we owe our safety to God and to those people that put their lives on the line for their country.  Your children, most likely, know someone  (Anyone!) that is or was in the military.  So today, we’re writing a thank you letter!

First, get the address or find a time when you could drop off the letter to this person.  If you don’t have a person in your life who was/is in the military, there are many organizations that will send your letters to deployed soldiers.  My favorite organization is Operation Gratitude!

dear hero

How To Write A Thank You Letter To Veterans(Layout):

Dear Hero,  – Yes!  Veterans are heroes!  Make this known to your kids and ask them why these people are to be respected.  This is also a great way to compliment these people on their gift of the time and lives.

Thank you for your service to your country.  – Thank these Veterans for their bravery.  Have your child tell the veteran how they have impacted their lives.  Tell your child to speak from their heart.   For me, that would be, “You are a true inspiration and a blessing to our country.”

I hope you are doing well and I pray for you everyday. – Send the veteran well wishes.  What a great way to spread Jesus’ word, too.  Even if this person already knows Jesus, who doesn’t like to know that someone is praying for them!

I am forever grateful. – We are!  We owe our freedom and safety to these people (and God).  Have your child tell them that they appreciate them!

Love,  Your Child

thanks card


Here’s An Example Letter:

Dear Brave Veteran,

Thank you so much for your service to your country.  You are a great role  model for me and I look up to you.  I pray that you are having a great Veteran’s Day and I really honor you.  I am forever thankful for your courage and selflessness.  May God bless you!

Love, {Insert Name}

Have a blessed Veteran’s Day!

Poll: When Do You Stop Handing Out Candy?

A Halloween poll for Mamas.  No right or wrong answers.  Have a great day!


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…And You Healed Me

Today, I came across this Bible verse: ” O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.” – Psalms 30:2

I felt like I had to share it even though it’s not about kids.  This verse is truth.  God heals!  I’d like to break this verse down in a way that I feel I need to share.

“O Lord my God,…” – When I stop and think about why God, who is the Great I Am, wanted me to be his friend, I have no words.  I’m NOT worthy, in fact, I’m a mess!  But I’m His mess!  I’m his perfectly imperfect mess!  He made me!  He died for me!  He loves me!  Isn’t that amazing!?!  Thank you God, for making me your child!

“…I called to you for help..” – I know.  Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we mess up.  If you’re like me, you don’t always have to admit it, it’s obvious!  We are sinners, and we cannot live until we have Jesus.  He is the only way!  Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?  If not, pray now.  Tell Him you are sorry for your sins (He will forgive you no matter what) and you want to follow Him for the rest of your days.  It’s that easy!  Pray! Pray that he will come into your heart and live (and He will).

“…and you healed me.” – He heals!  That gives me the chills.  The Lord of all creation loves me so much!  He loves you, too!  He is always with us – helping us, healing us, loving us.  Every time you pray to Him and ask Him to forgive you, *snap* it’s done.  Although you sinning makes Him sad, you are always forgiven.  He lets you try again.  He knows we will fall so short of perfect, and yet, He loves us anyway.

God is always there.  Always.  He’s there for us all.  This week, I encourage you to open your heart up to Jesus and let him work his ‘thing’.  Encourage your kids to do the same (always talk about Jesus with them).  Just say, “Jesus, I need you”, and He’ll take it from there.